Secret shapes dazzles, like unveiling a hidden treasure.

© Inedito/Asnaghi, ¨Secret Shapes¨, Design by Amaranto Interior
Designed by the duo of architects from Amaranto Interior, Secret Shapes is a collection to be discovered, in its hidden details, in its care and sophisticated finishes, as well as in the absolute uniqueness of the finished product.
The collection enhances the simplicity of the form through the sophistication of details.
The harmony and play on and among these lines and materials, the high artisan craftsmanship and the sophisticated small components and touches, all come together to make this collection unique and innovative, a tangible sign of high craftsmanship, purely Made in Italy . This is a collection to be discovered, to be tasted, capable of entering any home, bringing elegance and freshness.


Enjoy a touch of Italy! © 

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