At Naver Collection, we now look forward to continuing our work and promoting sustainability in production and design.

 ¨Totally natural¨

We select wood from controlled and sustainable forestry, focusing on replanting, biodiversity, and forest management. Wood as a material naturally binds CO2. A smart trait that helps climate and people for generations.

We live and breathe wood. It is natural for us to create contemporary and future furniture in wood.
We do it with great care and dedication, down to the smallest detail, both in the design and with the least possible impact on the environment. Wood naturally binds CO2 until it decays. A smart characteristic that helps people and the climate.

¨Work smarter¨

We rethink processes to minimize the waste of wood. Either with our hands in cabinetmaking craftmanship or with the machines that are part of modern furniture production. For example, we recycle the residual wood from our production. We reuse it in new Naver Collection furniture or in new circular life cycles with our partners.

¨True Naver cabinetmaker¨

As furniture producers Gramrode Møbelfabrik A/S and Aksel Kjersgaard A/S, we have been firmly established in Danish furniture culture since 1924 and 1952 respectivly. This is where design tradition originates and continues to grow from. Since 1995, Naver Collection has been collaborating with Danish designers such as Ebbe Gehl & Søren Nissen, Henrik Lehm, Hans Sandgren Jakobsen and Susanne Grønlund, who have all made their mark both nationally and internationally. They have all put their distinctive mark on the Naver Collection partnership. And they continue to do it - with energy and innovation. Their passion and professionalism are clearly expressed in the design.

¨We take pride in every detail¨

For 25 years we have focussed with pride and dedication on the detail in our cabinetmaking work. Each piece of furniture in the Naver Collection design concept has its own unique characteristics. Made as part of the whole, where form and function are combined in an outstanding and consistent design. This is the core of our philosophy and the foundation of our craftsmanship. We are happy and proud to be able to mark a significant milestone. 
We now look forward to continuing our work and promoting sustainability in production and design.

Secret shapes dazzles, like unveiling a hidden treasure.

© Inedito/Asnaghi, ¨Secret Shapes¨, Design by Amaranto Interior
Designed by the duo of architects from Amaranto Interior, Secret Shapes is a collection to be discovered, in its hidden details, in its care and sophisticated finishes, as well as in the absolute uniqueness of the finished product.
The collection enhances the simplicity of the form through the sophistication of details.
The harmony and play on and among these lines and materials, the high artisan craftsmanship and the sophisticated small components and touches, all come together to make this collection unique and innovative, a tangible sign of high craftsmanship, purely Made in Italy . This is a collection to be discovered, to be tasted, capable of entering any home, bringing elegance and freshness.


Welkom bij deze publicatie in RESIDENCE No.10, 'OPERA', van de Turning Boxes, 'the original', van NAVER Collection.

NAVER / Turning Boxes '- the original - ', een ontwerp van Hans Sandgren Jakobsen voor het Deense NAVER Collection.
De kolom, een waar 'objet d'art', bestaat uit tien lades die allemaal 360 graden kunnen draaien waardoor de kast een speelse en sculpturale uitstraling krijgt. 

"The Turning Boxes  - the original - zijn een bekroond ontwerp uit 2015 van Hans Sandgren Jakobsen en maken deel uit van de collectie van het wereldberoemde Designmuseum Danmark in Bredgade, Kopenhagen" 

NAVER.- is afgeleid van " Navere " , een traditionele Deense naam voor de rondtrekkende houtwerkers van vroeger tijden, die slechts tegen kost en inwoning werkten voor de meubelateliers, die hen dan in ruil het Meesterschap bijbrachten.
Met respect voor deze in Scandinavië reizende Artisinale kunstenaars, onze voorouders, en ter waardering van hun werken, hebben we besloten om deze verzameling van exclusief Deens design meubilair naar hen te vernoemen; NAVER Collection.

Asnaghi made in Italy, website 

Residence No.9 SALON, BOSTON by Inedito / Asnaghi
Welkom bij deze publicatie in RESIDENCE No.9 SALON, van de BOSTON sofa van Inedito / Asnaghi.

Bent u op zoek naar een exclusieve 'la dolce vita' sofa, eigentijds, verfijnd en elegant? Maestro Andrea en zijn mensen zijn er trots op om dat in Meda-Milaan voor u te mogen maken. Referenties o.a. Dolce e Gabbana.
Voor uw vragen of advies kunt u contact opnemen via het e-mail formulier of bel gerust met VILLA4 op nummer: +31(0)172-891111. 
"Da tre generazioni i divani e le poltrone Asnaghi sono presenti nelle case più esclusive e apprezzati dalla clientela più esigente e affinata."


The Chicago Athenaeum: Museum of Architecture and Design and The European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies are pleased to inform you that the following has won a 2019 GOOD DESIGN® Award: MIDAS chair by Susanne Grønlund for Naver Collection
Founded in Chicago in 1950, GOOD DESIGN remains the oldest and the world’s most recognized program for design excellence worldwide.

Award details


Awarded designer: Susanne Grønlund

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