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" We offer interior solutions.
Bespoke, contemporary and excellent."

Products, which for three generations, have been present in the most exclusive homes and loved by the most demanding and sophisticated clientele.
Elegance and continuous search for beauty are in every furnishing proposal.

The cultural heritage
It was in Meda, the year 1930, when our grand-father started his workshop. In 1950, our father, the Artigiano Asnaghi jr,  joined the workshop, and the first padded furniture came out, and was delivered by him on a cargo bike to the customer in Milan.   
Each product since than has stood out for its quality, elegance and style.
In 2014, we founded the brand Inedito, with the aim of embracing the entire furniture of a villa. A new way of business, focused on the pursuit of fine taste, exclusivity and emotions. In 2020, we merged the two brands, Inedito and Asnaghi, introducing a furnishing culture that looks to the future by furnishing the entire home, while also keeping an eye on the past, through the knowledge and experience consolidated over years in the furniture sector.
Today, much like then, all products are entirely made in and around Meda, Italy.  A guarantee of high-quality furniture, recognized all over the world as the authentic ´Made in Italy´, a combination of tradition and innovation.

Its quality craftsmanship
The care for details, the attention in the choice of materials and finishes, the taste of tradition and craftsmanship enhance creativity, elegance and design to satisfy the most complex and sophisticated furnishing requests.
We work on every single step of production, from the idea, to the prototype, to the final realization, united by a single goal: to bring the art of experiencing beauty into every room in your home.
Love and respect for tradition involves all departments of the company and defines each product, even in the latest, most modern and innovative interpretations.
From the craftsman to the architect, we work together for a common aim: quality, elegance and style.
Even today, after all these years, the furniture we make can create a unique and exclusive atmosphere in every interior.


© Inedito/Asnaghi, ¨Icon Armchair¨ ®

The Inedito-Asnaghi Catalogue
Today, as then, all products are made entirely in and around Meda, Italy. 

© Inedito/Asnaghi, ¨Secret Shapes¨Design by Amaranto Interior
Designed by the duo of architects from Amaranto Interior, Secret Shapes is a collection to be discovered, in its hidden details, in its care and sophisticated finishes, as well as in the absolute uniqueness of the finished product.

The collection enhances the simplicity of the form through the sophistication of details.
The harmony and play on and among these lines and materials, the high artisan craftsmanship and the sophisticated small components and touches, all come together to make this collection unique and innovative, a tangible sign of high craftsmanship, purely Made in Italy . This is a collection to be discovered, to be tasted, capable of entering any home, bringing elegance and freshness.

Secret ShapesThe MajorsDown TownThe HamptonsThe BeverlyCozy BedsClassicsAnthologyShades of Elegance.

© Inedito/Asnaghi, ¨Anthology, Magnum; capitonnee par excellence by Asnaghi made in Italy¨,  photo by Gilbert de Rooy ®