16-18 sep 2021, 3daysofdesign Kopenhagen. 
NAVER Collection, curated on the design exibition "Material Matters."

We select wood from controlled and sustainable forestry, focusing on replanting, biodiversity, and forest management. Wood as a material naturally binds CO2. A smart trait that helps climate and people for generations.

We present you the beautiful new Thor table by Hans Sandgren Jakobsen with the elegant Athena swivel chair by Susanne Grønlund.  

Kongens Nytorv.
It was in these premises that the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs housed in 1917, where the sale of the Danish West Indies was negotiated at Erik Scavenius' desk - exactly where the new Thor table with Athena swivel chair are presented.

A short video of the new Thor table by designer Hans Sandgren Jakobsen.  





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