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13-18 Apr 2021 #Salonemovesto2021

Elegance, style, design and quality: unique elements, united by tradition.
For three generations, Asnaghi’s sofas and armchairs have been a feature of the most exclusive homes, appreciated by the company’s refined, exacting clientele.
Our heritage, alongside the seriousness with which we approach our work, guarantees the high quality that marks out every product we make: sofas and armchairs that reflect the sensibility of our time, while also retaining the feel of tradition.
We are proud to state that all of our products are made entirely in Italy, and specifically in a region – Brianza – where top-quality furnishings have been created for many, many years.

Asnaghi Beverly
© Asnaghi, made in Italy.

Sofas and bed sofas, for home, projects and hospitality, 1: 1, modern and classic.

'Affordable excellence', from Meda (MI), Italy.
Complete 'in-house' production of all parts up to and including customized packaging.
Asnaghi is a 3rd generation family business from Meda.
The capitonné in leather is completely made in one piece, and comfortably soft!
Exceptional finishes up to Velvet and Nubuck.
Flexibility and quality are optimal and sustainable.

"Interior expert, with dimensions not only the length but also the depth ..."
"Think of things like 'active sitting' or 'relaxed lounging'. And with technology also the mattress size .."
"Send me your drawing and we will make you a suggestion ..., Andrea Asnaghi."

In Milan, St. Petersburg, New York and Berlin. Dolce e Gabanna stores.

Asnaghi York
© Asnaghi, made in Italy.